Stand Out! Strategic Marketing Blueprint Business Plan

Stand Out! Strategic Marketing Blueprint Business Plan that positions you as “the expert” in your field

12 one hour phone strategy coaching sessions twice a month for 6 months that will include:

* A crystal clear, focused, step-by-step plan that provides you with exact instructions on your specific needs for your business in each area crucial to marketing success:

*Branding: Building your brand and creating the foundation for your business. Every aspect of your brand will be covered. We will explore what colors, design and imagery to use on your website, social media covers, business cards and marketing materials to create a standout brand. Your vision, message and tagline will also be created so that you have a clear, concise brand-- both online and offline-- that positions you an authority in your niche.

*Marketing: Unique out-of-the-box marketing strategies and techniques for identifying your target market and delivering your services and products to your ideal target audience. We will develop an in depth marketing plan for you to follow and implement over the next 6 months.

*Product Creation: How to leverage your time and increase sales without additional effort by creating online photography classes that are previously recorded and can be sold on auto pilot. Coaching will include all aspects of product creation and implementation.

*Social Media: A social media plan of action to attract new clients and build your business through all the major social media platforms. How to use promoted posts, tweets and ads on social media to promote business or product.

*PR: How to use publicity effectively to build credibility and attract new clients. We will brainstorm PR attention-getting headlines and PR angles to use and come up with a 6 month PR campaign.

*Time Management/Outsourcing: What tasks should be outsourced and what you can do yourself. A time management plan to organize and execute action steps in each area.

Strategic Blueprint 6 Month Business Plan includes:

  • Personalized Branding Questionnaire and Marketing Worksheet
  • 12 one hour strategy phone coaching sessions
  • 5 Mind Maps designed for your business/projects with specific action steps provided in PDF, PowerPoint
  • 3 written press releases (SEO optimized) sent out to newswire and local media outlets

Please call 786-766-9126 or email to inquire about pricing